Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lord Soth Fan Fiction

To: Astinus
From: Lord Loren Soth of Dargaard Keep

Re: Lord Soth (Dragonlance Warriors, Vol. 6)

Dear Astinus, old friend,

Thank you very much for all the excellent reading you have provided me over the years, however, I must object to your scribe's account of my history. I seem to have been portrayed as having been cursed for my evil deeds, but which evil deeds would those be exactly? Was it when my zealously loyal knight slew my father's bastard children so all the undeniably righteous and good knights who ever held our family name would not be turned from a source of hope into a source of bitterness and scorn, plunging our lands into internal strife and insecurity? Surely you know my people did suffer such hopelessness and moral degeneration after the Court of High Justice all too hastily passed judgment upon me by dragging my name through the mud with that farce of a trial before trying to kill me. Which brings me to this, was I cursed for killing my wife and her child? My wife deceived me to lay down for an evil witch who used outlawed magic to impregnate her with a monster which wasn't even human and I didn't find out until it horns popped out of her. IN the heat of the moment, should I have let her infidelity and service to evil go unpunished and let that horned spawn of the dark gods reek havoc while claiming to be my child? Or was I cursed for failing to stop the gods from waging war on the world? Really, Astinus, how can anybody expect a broken and defeated man stop the gods and perhaps more importantly, should he even try to stop the gods when he claims to serve them and they try so hard to prevent him that they send foul creatures of dark magic to cast a spell of Insanity upon him? What help did the gods give me so that I could stop them? A goat. A goat, Astinus. All the gods waged war on the world, Mishakal told me to stop them, and Paladine gave me a goat. They may as well have given me a herring.

For too long have I blamed myself for my curse. Apparently your scribe is so mad compared to me that his madness acts as a Greater Restoration of Relativity and I am now thankfully restored to sanity. None of this is my fault at all. If anybody wants to blame anyone for anything, they should try blaming the people who wacked that wacko King Priest on the head with a mile-wide mountain of fire.

Best Wish spells,

Lord Loren Soth of Dargaard Keep

P.S. The Banshees send their regards and thank you for the stacks and stacks of sheet music you sent them. I hate you.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I had alot of fun with Dragonlance, reading the novels and roleplaying with the campaign setting, so I think I'll be talking about Dragonlance, it's one bad mother... [Shut your mouth!] Just talkin bout Dragonlance.

Dragonlance will be celebrating it's 25th anniversary. I hope for something big, maybe an announcement of plans for a live action movie 100 times better than the animated movie.

Dragonlance Nexus (fansite)
Dragonlance Movie (animated)
Dragonlance Online Comic

Here are most of the Dragonlance novels I've read over the years:

* Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Chronicles trilogy, vol. 1) Nov. 1984
* Dragons of Winter Night (Chronicles trilogy, vol. 2) Apr. 1985
* Dragons of Spring Dawning (Chronicles trilogy, vol. 3) Sep. 1985
* Time of the Twins (Legends trilogy, vol. 1) Feb. 1986
* War of the Twins (Legends trilogy, vol. 2) May 1986
* Test of the Twins (Legends trilogy, vol. 3) Aug. 1986
* The Magic of Krynn (Tales trilogy, vol. 1) Mar. 1987
* Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes (Tales trilogy, vol. 2) Jul. 1987
* Love and War (Tales trilogy, vol. 3) Oct. 1987
* The Legend of Huma (Heroes trilogy, vol. 1) Mar. 1988
* Darkness and Light (Preludes trilogy, vol. 1) Apr. 1989
* Kendermore (Preludes trilogy, vol. 2) Aug. 1989
* Brothers Majere (Preludes trilogy, vol. 3) Dec. 1989
* Riverwind, the Plainsman (Preludes II trilogy, vol. 1) Jan. 1990
* Kaz, the Minotaur (Heroes II trilogy, vol. 1) Apr. 1990
* Flint, the King (Preludes II trilogy, vol. 2) May 1990
* Tanis, the Shadow Years (Preludes II trilogy, vol. 3) Nov. 1990
* Kindred Spirits (Meetings Sextet, vol. 1) Apr. 1991
* Wanderlust (Meetings Sextet, vol. 2) Sep. 1991
* Dark Heart (Meetings Sextet, vol. 3) Jan. 1992
* The Reign of Istar (Tales II trilogy, vol. 1) Apr. 1992
* The Cataclysm (Tales II trilogy, vol. 2) Jul. 1992
[Then I started playing Vampire the Masquerade instead.]

Next on my To Read List:
Lord Soth (Warriors series, vol. 6) Dec. 1996 :)

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Comics I Like

Just to give you an idea of thing I might talk about on this blog:

OOTS: Order of the Stick - Roleplaying characters telling jokes out of character.
Fables - Snow White and Bigby Wolf have kids, well, cubs.
Hellblazer - John Constantine saves the world is totally miserable.
Lucifer - The Lord of Hell retires, plays piano in a nightclub.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Comic Books Blogger

My last big hobby was Magic the Gathering, but trying to get Magic the Gathering Online was such a pain I got burnt out and had to switch hobbies, so props to Major Spoilers for helping me decided to become a Comic Books Blogger. :)

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